Paiute ATV Trail Trip Planning Tips

Considering a trip to the Paiute? It’s no secret that it’s one of our favorite places for adventure. We hope you will find the information on this page of help when planning your trip.

This page is a collection of resources that we have found useful and will be updated over time. If you have a useful link or something to contribute which would help others, we’d love to hear from you. Connect with us using the links in the menu at the top of the page.

Paiute ATV Trail Maps
Packing Tips for the Paiute ATV Trail
Utah ATV Registration
Paiute ATV Trail Useful Links

Paiute ATV Trail Map Information

If you’re planning a trip, you’re going to need maps, and several to do it effectively. What we learned is that it’s easier to plan your trip route if you have at least the Nation Forest Travel Maps and the National Geographic. Here’s a quick run down on the maps and resources we used on our trip.

  • Fishlake and Dixie National Forest Travel Maps offer the most detail within the National Forest Boundaries. They are available for free by contacting a National Forest district office.

    For Fishlake National Forest offices, CLICK HERE
    For Dixie National Forest offices, CLICK HERE
  • Fishlake Motor Vehicle Use Maps; CLICK HERE
  • Dixie National Forest; Powell Ranger District 2017 MVUM | CLICK HERE
  • National Geographic Paiute ATV Trails Map; CLICK HERE

Avenza Maps to get

For the Avenza maps, here are the key words to search within the Avenza store to quickly find the free maps;

  • Fishlake National Forest Beaver District Section Motor Vehicle Use Map 2015
  • Fishlake National Forest Fillmore District South Section Motor Vehicle Use Map 2015
  • Fishlake National Forest Freemont River district LOA Section Motor Vehicle Use Map 2015
  • Fishlake National Forest Richfield District Salina Section Motor Vehicle Use Map 2015
  • Fishlake National Forest Richfield Monroe Mountain Section Motor Vehicle Use Map 2015
  • Dixie National Forest Powell Ranger District Motor Vehicle Use Map Front 2015

Packing Tips

One concept that always proves true is that keeping the weight of your gear and loadout to a minimum is always preferrable for these long, overland style trips. Not only does the ATV perform better with a lighter load, the ride is much more enjoyable and safe.

The tendency is to overpack for the trip. We recommend that you take an overnight trip locally, or even in your yard, to practice. That’s right, practice. Chances are, you’ve been camping. But have you camped off your ATV? Take a practice trip. Aside from first aid or tools, only take the gear that you use.

To keep the weight down, you almost have to have a minimalist approach. We prefer backpacking gear is good because its small, lightweight, and typically good quality. The biggest thing is, there are some thing you simply won’t know until you do it. So get out there!

  • To download a PDF of what we pack, CLICK HERE
  • ATV Utah’s Short list of smart things to take, CLICK HERE

Utah Non-resident ATV Registration

All OHVs must display a current OHV registration sticker when operated or transported on public lands or roads. Below are a few links to help you obtain your ATV registration sticker.

Note that Utah does offer reciprocity, meaning that if your ATV is registered in an approved state, Utah will recognize your ATV registration and you do not need to purchase a Utah OHV permit. To check the status of your state, CLICK HERE.

Useful Links