Bosski Internal Storage

ATV Trailer Bosski 800AL Internal Storage

Need for Internal Storage

If you watched our INITIAL IMPRESSIONS VIDEO you already know I’m a fan of the Bosski 800 Al. Use of the trailer on trips has been limited due to the lack of internal tie-down points.

I simply don’t carry enough gear to fill up […]

ATV Camping the Paiute ATV Trail Day 1

ATV Camping the Paiute ATV Trail Day 1

Day 1 Route Information

Rose Ranch Resort in Marysvale to Bald Knolls Trail Head: CLICK HERE
815, 1185, 194 AKA Barney Lake Trail, N PT01, N PST78 to Monroe Peak.S PST78, E FSR 084, S FSR 1219, S FSR 160, S PST89, E PST87, N PST86, E PT01
Camp Location: […]

ATV Trailer Bosski 800AL First Impressions

ATV Trailer Bosski 800AL First Impressions

We’ve been lucky enough to get out hands on a 800AL ATV Wagon by Bosski and thought it was a good time to share our initial thoughts on the trailer.

About the 800AL ATV Wagon by Bosski
The 800 AL ATV Wagon is an off-road trailer by Bosski designed to get […]

2 Day ATV Camp Trip – The Colockum Wildlife Area

2 Days at the Colockum

The Colockum is a hidden treasure here in Washington State. With hundreads of miles of Green Dot Road riding, it’s a great place to Find Your Adventure.
It was interesting to learn that in this area, the roads / trails are only open part of the year to help […]

ATV Camping Gear and Loadout

One of the most common questions we get asked is regarding what gear we take out on the trail, and how we fit it all on ATV. It’s actually surprising how much gear you can fit on an ATV, and how little you actually need for a trip. ┬áSo lets take a look at […]

ATV Camp Trip Northern Idaho

3 Days in Idaho

It was our first backcountry trip to Idaho, and it has already moved to the top of our list for overlanding in the Pacific Northwest. Video and trip information below.

Maps and GPS Downloads

Palouse Range District Deary Elk River; CLICK HERE
Palouse Range District Upper Palouse; CLICK HERE
St Joe Saint Maries; CLICK […]

Welcome to ATV Overland

If you’re new to our channel, welcome. We are ATV enthusiast who crave being in the backcountry. We hike, mountain bike, camp, kayak, ATV Ride, anything to get out of the city, unplugged, and into nature.

We are lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest where we have access to amazing public lands in Washington, […]

Tarp Shelters

Tarp Shelters

When you go out on your next backcountry atv adventure, you’re likely to encounter some unwanted weather. Whether that’s rain, wind, snow, or all of these, one of the most handy pieces of equipment to carry is a tarp. One of the best things about ATV tarp shelter setups is the fact that […]

ATV Wheelbase and Stability

In preparation for the upcoming spring and summer camp trips, a couple of us spent a day out on the trails fully loaded to test our load outs. In addition to our 2013 Suzuki Kingquad 500 PS Anniversary edition, we have a new 2016 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS LE that we will be taking […]