2017 Paiute Trail ATV Camping Route in Review

2017 Paiute ATV Trails Camp Trip Route
For Map information, please visit our PAIUTE ATV TRAILS TRIP PLANNING PAGE by CLICKING HERE.

Note in the directions below, we provide the direction we are headed and the trail name or number. It is easiest to follow along using the Fishlake Nation Forest Travel Maps, which are available […]

Paiute ATV Trail Maps

Paiute ATV Trail Map Information

If you’re planning a trip, you’re going to need maps, and several to do it effectively. What we learned is that you don’t have to have all of the maps to plan a trip, but you’ll miss out on several trails if you don’t have them all. Here’s a quick […]

ATV Camplife in the Dixie National Forest

Some photos from our atv camp on the Paiute ATV Trail, in the Dixie National Forest. The Paiute ATV Trail is a great place for Overlanding with your ATV.

#Camplife in the #DixieNationalForest #adventure #atv #atvcamp #atvo #atvoverland #backcountry #camping #explore #overland pic.twitter.com/RW7Ywh56Df— ATV Overland (@ATV_Overland) September 3, 2017

2 Day ATV Camp Trip – The Colockum Wildlife Area

2 Days at the Colockum

The Colockum is a hidden treasure here in Washington State. With hundreads of miles of Green Dot Road riding, it’s a great place to Find Your Adventure.
It was interesting to learn that in this area, the roads / trails are only open part of the year to help […]

ATV Camp Trip Northern Idaho

3 Days in Idaho

It was our first backcountry trip to Idaho, and it has already moved to the top of our list for overlanding in the Pacific Northwest. Video and trip information below.


Palouse Range District Deary Elk River; CLICK HERE
Palouse Range District Upper Palouse; CLICK HERE
St Joe Saint Maries; CLICK HERE
St Joe Avery; […]

Welcome to ATV Overland

If you’re new to our channel, welcome. We are ATV enthusiast who crave being in the backcountry. We hike, mountain bike, camp, kayak, ATV Ride, anything to get out of the city, unplugged, and into nature.

We are lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest where we have access to amazing public lands in Washington, […]