ATV Trailer Bosski 800AL Internal Storage

Need for Internal Storage

If you watched our INITIAL IMPRESSIONS VIDEO you already know I’m a fan of the Bosski 800 Al. Use of the trailer on trips has been limited due to the lack of internal tie-down points.

I simply don’t carry enough gear to fill up the trailer, which means everything bounces around. So the question is how do you add an internal storage solution without drilling any holes? Our solution, an internal frame.

Internal Storage Solution

Bosski ATV Wagon 800 AL
Bosski ATV Wagon 800 AL
The Concept

  • Build an internal storage solution without drilling any holes

This is a no-brainer. If you’re going to be out on the trails, you’re going to encounter dust or wet conditions. By not drilling any holes, you are not compromising one of the biggest advantages of the trailer, being enclosed and sealed off. Additionally, if you were to drill holes to mount something but then changed the design, now you have holes in your trailer. It simply wasn’t worth the risk, especially considering I wasn’t sure what the final product would (will) be. This is an ongoing experiment.

  • Provide a storage solution that doesn’t require any tools

This is important because you never know what will happen out on the trails. If for some reason you needed to empty the trailer, a simple storage solution that doesn’t require any tools will be much quicker and easier to work with.

  • Affordable, Simple and Light

Weight is always a factor to consider. In my opinion, the heavier the load, the greater it will impact your fun factor. Also, consider the additional wear and tear on your machine (belt, suspension, etc.). The entire frame weighs XXXXXXXXXX

I wanted a solution that could be trashed or modified easily when necessary. I built this initial storage solution out of scrap wood, so it only cost me $10 for some carpet. Box checked.

The Details

  • Base

There are two a few factors to consider for the base piece including the shock, the lip of the trailer, reinforcing a strap hook, and your bottom storage.

The trailer does have a lip, so you will need to either cut the length or the width, but not both, to allow for this. I chose to cut the length of the trailer to allow for the lip for a few reasons. I wanted the side walls to rest on the base, rather than the shelf of the trailer. Secondly, because I am using a strap to hold the entire assembly together, I needed to allow space for the strap to be installed and removed, without having to remove the base piece.

Speaking of the strap, rather than having the strap hook dig into the wood of the base, I cut two pieces of steel from a door strike plate (metal plate affixed to a doorjamb with a hole or holes for the bolt of the door). This means the strap hook will not dig into the wood, greatly extending the life of the base piece.

For storage in the bottom, I chose to use a 27 gallon plastic tote that you can purchase at any home improvement store or Costco for $10. This keeps with the theme of affordable and simple. The tote was recessed over the axle of the trailer to keep the weight evenly distributed. One of the things I absolutely love about Bosski’s 800 Aluminum Trailer is that it’s easy to move around, even when loaded, because it is well balanced. I intend to keep as much weight in the plastic tote as possible to keep the center of gravity of the trailer as low as possible. This will help with stability while traversing rough terrain.

Bosski ATV Wagon 800 AL Internal Storage Base
Bosski ATV Wagon 800 AL internal Storage frame base
Bosski ATV Wagon 800 AL internal Storage frame side pieces
  • Side Pieces

The side wall pieces are straight forward with slots for the cross bars to fit in. Since the trailer has a lip on both sides, you can easily cut the side pieces to fit which will hold them semi in place. Once you insert the cross bars, the side wall pieces do not move.


The 800AL provides a great platform to get your gear in the back-country. If you don’t carry enough gear to fill it up, some sort of internal storage solution could make all the difference. If you have ideas or your own design, be sure to connect with us. We’d love to hear from you.