In preparation for the upcoming spring and summer camp trips, a couple of us spent a day out on the trails fully loaded to test our load outs. In addition to our 2013 Suzuki Kingquad 500 PS Anniversary edition, we have a new 2016 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS LE that we will be taking out this year camping. Since we have a new ATV, we wanted to test the load out and ensure the ride was the way we like it.

Grizzly Load out

We found our favorite hill at a local riding area, and it only took one climb to note that the Grizzly, as we have it loaded out, is not ready for our upcoming Paiute trip. The front end is too light with all the gear, fuel, and water on the rear. While climbing the hill, we struggled to keep the front tires on the dirt, which made hill climbing work, and not fun.

Always be sure and test your load out before heading out on the ATV Adventure of a lifetime.

The Kingquad and Grizzly have almost identical load outs for this ride, and the Kingquad did not share the instability. Both suspensions have been stiffened to help reduce the light front ends, and without all the gear, we can tell a difference. We had the same rider tackle the hill climb at the same speed. So what gives?

Turns out the wheelbase on the 2016 Grizzly is 49.2″, while the Kingquad has a wheelbase of 50.6″. This 1.4″ of extra wheelbase makes all the difference in the world when fully loaded. To see the difference, be sure to check out our video below.