ATV Trailer Bosski 800AL First Impressions

We’ve been lucky enough to get out hands on a 800AL ATV Wagon by Bosski and thought it was a good time to share our initial thoughts on the trailer.

About the 800AL ATV Wagon by Bosski
The 800 AL ATV Wagon is an off-road trailer by Bosski designed to get your gear in the back-country. The body is 1/8″ thick aluminum which is welded at the seems creating a 45 cubic ft weather sealed bed to keep your gear dry and dust free.It rides on a heavy duty powder coated steel frame with Independent Suspension using a Torsion Bar and 25″ tires. This results in 11″ of ground clearance, , an empty weight of 216 lbs, and a gross volume weight of 800 lbs.

It features a hinged lid with a gas shock making opening the trailer effortless. There’s a cargo rack and D ring tie downs so you can pile on the gear. Other features include a drain plug, a brake / taillight, a gas can holder, and locking lid latches.

First Impressions
So what’d we think? We really like it. It’s the combination of being able to secure your equipment in a dry, dust free place, along with removing weight from the cargo racks on the ATV. The trailer is so balanced that even when loaded, it’s easy for one person to move around. It tracks true, even on tight trails, and we didn’t experience any issues with traction or instability.

We did note some reviews that stated the trailer bounces. We found this can minimized by airing down the tires, and making sure to accelerate, not decelerate over obstacles.

There are a few modifications we’d want to make.

  • For starters, we’d like to see tie down points on the inside of the trailer. You really have to fill the trailer, or your gear will bounce around.
  • The gas can holder was designed for a specific shape, which was too small for our 5 gallon cans.
  • The gas can holder was too small for our 5 gallon can, but it did 2 rotopax fuel packs.
  • We’d like to see different tires on the trailer. The balloon style tires may help the trailer float, but we’d prefer a tire with sidewall support.
Overall, the trailer does exactly what it was designed to do. It’ll provide years of maintenance free service and durability. We are looking forward to spending more time on the trails with the 800 AL. For more product details and ordering options, be sure to check out their full line of trailers on their website,