One of the most common questions we get asked is regarding what gear we take out on the trail, and how we fit it all on ATV. It’s actually surprising how much gear you can fit on an ATV, and how little you actually need for a trip.  So lets take a look at what I (Clay) take on the trail for a back country ATV camping adventure.

Outer Layer

For me, it all starts with what I wear on the trail which is a rain jacket and pants, all the time. If it’s wet or muddy out, it obviously keeps you dry. But if it’s dry and dusty, this will keep your base layers clean(er), which means you are less likely to pack as much clothes, saving both space and weight.

For a rain jacket, I always ensure I select one that has vents which makes a huge difference when it warms up. I’ve had a Marmot Precip now for the past 4 years that I wear year around and it still keeps me dry when it’s pouring down rain.

Storage System

I have 3 different storage areas, not including the on-board cubby holes that my Kingquad offers. On the front of the ATV I use a Kolpin Scout Box for my quick grab items.  On the rear a 27 gallon plastic tote is used to store those “once per day” items such as camping supplies, etc. The theory is that I only open this once per day, while at camp. This is partially because I have it strapped to rear rack on the ATV, so accessing it would take longer than the front, but it just makes sense to me, to organize my gear this way. Lastly, I use RotopaX for fuel and water storage on the rear of the ATV.


When loading up for a trip, there is a strategy to what goes where. For example, I store my tarps on top of the rear storage container and store paracord, tent stakes, and zip ties in the Kolpin Scout Box for quick access. When I’m ready to make camp, the first thing I do is put up a tarp shelter.  By having the tarp and everything I need quickly available, I don’t have to dig through my boxes and can quickly get out of the weather.

Now that you have the gist of how I pack, below is a list of items that I carry on the trail. It is worth noting that I use mostly backpacking gear for my camping supplies. This is because backpacking gear is generally higher quality, smaller, and lighter when compared generic equipment. I list the specific model I use only as a reference point.

For a downloadable list, CLICK HERE.

Group items (need only 1 per group)

  • Air pump
  • Tire plugs
  • Jumper cables
  • Tow rope
  • Gorilla Tape
  • Electrical Tape

Rear Storage (Only access at camp location)

  • Camp chair (REI stoawaway low back chair – love it)
  • Tent (Mountain Hardware Sprite 1 – really small but works for me)
  • Sleeping bag (Kelty 30 degree bag – should have purchased a 20 degree bag)
  • Self-inflating air mattress (REI 3.5″ camp bed – super comfy!)
  • Camp stove / Jetboil (Jetboil Flash – love it)
  • Fuel for camp stove
  • Bivy (SOL Escape Bivvy which I use over my sleeping bag when cold – love it)
  • Fork / Knife / Spoon Combo
  • Camp pillow [pack inside sleeping bag] (Exped Air Pillow – love it)
  • Dry food 
  • Trash bags
  • Zip lock bags
  • Fire starter
  • Festive Drink
  • Extra Rags / cloths
  • Shovel

Rear Storage Lid (readily available)

  • 2 way radio
  • Tarp

Front Storage (quick access)

  • Water canteen(s)
  • Trail mix / snacks
  • Zip Ties (for tarp / rain shelter)
  • Paracord (for tarp / rain shelter)
  • Gloves for fuel
  • Work Gloves
  • Pelican 1060 Case
    • Camera / phone
    • Wallet
    • Car Keys
  • Dry Bag (keeps it dust free)
    • Change of clothes (rear storage if room)
    • Sweatshirt (rear storage if room)
    • Sleep clothes (because they are clean and warm) (rear storage if room)
    • Wash cloth (rear storage if room)
    • Clean towel (rear storage if room)
    • Wet wipes / cleaning wipes
    • Sunscreen
    • GoPro Batteries
    • Toiletries
      • Soap
      • Shampoo
      • Deodorant
      • Floss
      • Tooth brush
      • Mouthwash
      • Tylenol / Aspirin / Advil
    • First Aid Kit
      • Neosporin
      • Band Aids
      • Other
    • Flashlight (for when you arrive at camp and its dark)
    • Extra Batteries for electronics


  • Fuel  packs
  • Water packs
  • Riding Gear
    • Helmet / gloves / dust mask / outer layer top / outer layer bottom
  • Fill all open spaces with water bottles
  • Spark plug