2017 Paiute ATV Trails Camp Trip Route

For Map information, please visit our PAIUTE ATV TRAILS TRIP PLANNING PAGE by CLICKING HERE.

Note in the directions below, we provide the direction we are headed and the trail name or number. It is easiest to follow along using the Fishlake Nation Forest Travel Maps, which are available for free by contacting a National Forest district office. For a list of Fishlake National Forest offices, CLICK HERE. For a list of Dixie National Forest offices, CLICK HERE.

  • PST = Paiute Side Trail
  • FSR = Forest Service Road
  • GB = Gooseberry Trail System
  • GWT = Great Western Trail

For example; N PT01 means north on the Paiute 01 trail, SE PST89 means Southeast on Paiute Side Trail 89, and N GB15 means north on the Gooseberry route 15.

  • Day 1

    Rose Ranch Resort in Marysvale to Bald Knolls Trail Head: CLICK HERE

    815, 1185, 194 AKA Barney Lake Trail, N PT01, N PST78 to Monroe Peak.
    S PST78, E FSR 084, S FSR 1219, S FSR 160, S PST89, E PST87, N PST86, E PT01

    Camp Location: 38.735239,-111.797505

    Although we camped at 38.735239,-111.797505, we wouldn’t recommend it. A better alternative is to travel just a few miles East on PST 056, also known as Gooseberry Route 056 or FSR 056. Here, there are several dispersed camp sites tucked away in the Aspen tree’s.
  • Day 2

    E GB56, N GB15, N GB13, N GWT, W PST09, W PT01 to Salina.
    W PT01, W PST03, W PST03A, S 324, NW 324, NW FSR 857, SE FSR 856, W FSR 385, S PST03, S PT01

    Camp Location: 38.798385, -112.21545
  • Day 3

    S PT01, SW PST11, SE PST10 to Joseph.
    SW PST10, SW PST76, S PT01 (Max Reid Trail), W PST13, W FSR 480, N FSR 1040, N FSR 1020, N FSR 608, W PST15, E PST76, S PST01

    Camp Location: 38.546939,-112.340897
  • Day 4

    S PT01 (Max Reid Trail), S PT01, NE PST27, PST29, PT01 to Circleville Cafe. E PT01, 33082 (Rocky Ford Canyon Trail)(Dixie National Forest Powell Ranger District Travel Map)

    Camp Location: 38.120911, -112.133201
  • Day 5

    S FSR 126, E FSR 125 to Antimony.
    Antimony to PST73 via a trail on the side of Utah 22.
    NW PST73, SW PT01, N PST25, NW PST02, N PST37 to Marysvale.