2 Days at the Colockum

The Colockum is a hidden treasure here in Washington State. With hundreads of miles of Green Dot Road riding, it’s a great place to Find Your Adventure.

It was interesting to learn that in this area, the roads / trails are only open part of the year to help with the health of the Elk herds, and to minimize animal conflicts on nearby private lands. You can read more about these efforts on the Colockum Elk Study by CLICKING HERE (opens a pdf).

This area is rich in history dating back to the early 1800’s. By one account, there was an Indian camp that covered more than 6 miles, in every direction. If you’re interested in the history of this and other areas across Washington State, I have found the book “Hiking Washington’s History” very informative. To view in Google Books; CLICK HERE. To view on Amazon, CLICK HERE.

Washington State Colockum Wildlife Area Video
Washington State Colockum Wildlife Area Route
Colockum Route Elevation

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Route Taken

***This route is starting from the Colockum County Road

  • Day 1; Colockum County Road, Powerline Road, Brewton Road, Tekison Creek Road, West Bar, Tekison Creek Road, Brewton Road, Tarpiscan Road, North Fork Road, Colockum County Road, Moses Carr Road, Kingsbury Road, Stemit Loop Road (WATV Certification Required), Orr Cr Road, Camp.
  • Day 2; Upper Basin Road, Schall Road, Jumpoff Road, Naneum Ridge Road, Colockum County Road.
  • Elevation ranging from 548 to 6,348 feet
  • Route is roughly 100 miles